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Trendcraft helps businesses enter the app space and double their app revenue.

[App Development + Lean Product Development] = Trendcraft. Trendcraft's Build-Learn processes work. πŸ‘‡

What Trendcraft does for you

πŸš€ Analytics: Build analytics that reflect your goals, properly analyze the data and uncover strengths & opportunities
πŸš€ Growth: Improve User Engagement, discover new growth opportunities, improve return on product-led app initiatives
πŸš€ Development: Execute Effective app development, engineering management, and tech-stack optimization. Improve tech productivity and risk mitigation strategies
πŸš€ Monetization: Improve cost structuring, free-trial onboarding, app sales page optimization, and more

Trendcraft aims to execute these but also train your team to think the same way.

Trendcraft is a small shop run by Rob Caraway:

Rob started his career co-founding a funded startup called Memorandom where he wore many product and development hats including app developer and head of product.

Leveraging the experience from that startup, he built GifShare & Giflab which he sold to Daneco.

Since then, he's worked across several app industries serving clients like HEB, Skipcart, Kubota, Oracle's Moat, and many others.

He's spent a lot of time with InMotion Software, which had the highest downloaded game during the first few years of the App Store.


β€œRob is great! I highly recommend working with him if you get the chance!” – Noah Goodhart, Cofounder of Moat (acquired by Oracle)

β€œYou can be confident that any app he starts will turn into success.” Gant Laborde, Chief Innovation Officer, Infinite Red

β€œRob’s path to success demonstrates much more than simply incredible persistence. His determination to systematically try different approaches until he found the right path is inspiring, informative, and worth emulating.” -Charlyn Keating, Apple


Macmillan, iClicker, HEB, Kubota, Oracle's Moat, GifShare, & Giflab.

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